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Dealer Service Management

DSM gathers your business in one digital solution

DSM (Dealer Service Management) is a digital solution that has existed for more than 30 years and is continuously developed in close cooperation with our customers - machine dealers.

DSM is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and is constantly upgraded to the latest BC version. This will ensure you a future-proof all-in-one digital solution.

The heart of DSM is the machine and how a machine dealer can keep track of his sales, service and financing of machines. This includes the purchase and sale of spare parts, as well as the management of stocks.

DSM is dedicated to machine trade

  • Configuration of machines from offer phase to order and to after sales
  • Chain trade analyzes and machine calculation
  • CRM built for machine trading
  • Management of stock and spare parts
  • Handling service, warranty and complaints
  • Integration to web portals and suppliers
  • Online sale of machines and spare parts

Conmas ApS is a supplier of forklifts, lifts, pallet lifters, pallet stackers and glass lifters. Conmas specializes in customized solutions that are tailored to the customer's tasks, wishes and needs. In order to strengthen their business and get a better overview, they chose to enter into a collaboration with JMA in 2023.

Read more about Conmas and DSM.

"We decided to use DSM to get an overview and control of everything from stock, sales, customers, and spare parts. Now, we can better take over each others jobs and see what is going on in other departments. Of course, there is a difference between warehouse staff, sales, and people in the administration. The more employees we become, the more structure we need."

Marketing manager CONMAS, Camilla Sahl Andreasen

DSM Dealer Service Management

The DSM solution covers 4 main areas within machine trade: Service, Sales, Finance and Warehouse

Get an overview of your sales process

The sales module in DSM is equipped with a lot of functionality for the machine seller.

You can manage your entire sales process with the help of the built-in CRM system, where you can keep track of potential leads, customers and offers.

Via the built-in machine configurator, you can create a complete overview of costs and income on the individual machine right from the offer phase.

And you can customize your very own role center with an overview of machine orders, sales figures, leads, etc.

Service Management

The service module in DSM creates a strong foundation for the service department, especially in relation to the management of service tasks and for technicians in their daily work of creating and completing time and material records.

Service tasks, agreements and the daily work in the service department are made easier and can be managed centrally from one system.

The functionality in the service module gives the service department better insight into the tasks and agreements that are part of daily life and creates an overview of the service department.

Warehouse Management

Do you want to optimize your warehouse management with stock rotation and inventory service level? Would you like to be able to automatically manage max/min stock and thus bring large savings on stock binding and obsolescence?

The specially built module for warehouse management in DSM is adapted to the processes that our customers - machine suppliers - use every day in their business.

The system is completely unique for the business, but built on top of a standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which means that JMA can guarantee a future-proof digitized solution for all machine suppliers.

We guarantee that you achieve a more efficient inventory management and can thus minimize your inventory costs and earn more money.

Create overview and be in control

In the financial section of DSM, you can get an overview of your business and machine economy, where you can measure key figures, budgets, overprice adjustments, preparation costs and much more.

The DSM system automatically provides warnings regarding the minimum coverage ratio and when a credit limit is exceeded.

You have the option of printing reports which make visible invoicing levels at the workshop, spare parts and service.

The reports are defined either as standard in the module, via Power BI or via an add-on module JetReports, where you can define exactly what you want an overview of.


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