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About us

JMA is 100% focused on software for dealers of machinery

JMA digitizes the business processes of machine dealers and provides advice for this. We develop and implement our business solution DSM, which is a specialized digital solution for machinery trade and which is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. All our digital solutions - this applies to both our DSM solution and our associated web solutions - are built on best practice from many years in the trade and with a deep knowledge of the business.

All our solutions, which are primarily based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in combination with our many consultants' deep insight into each individual customer's business, ensure our customers an effective sparring partner who focuses on increasing our customers' competitiveness through digitization.

We follow Microsoft's roadmap and continuously launch new versions for Business Central. This ensures that all solutions are scalable and future-proof.

We listen, develop and implement

With our +60 employees, JMA is fully dedicated to machine trade and IT. We have existed for more than 30 years and together with machine dealers we innovate and develop perhaps the best IT solution in the business.

We strengthen our customers' business and bring IT and business into a higher unity. We do this by listening and by combining business understanding with user insight, technical development, good project management and integration to external platforms and IT systems.

JMA has branches in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany, where we house everything from dedicated consultants, structured project managers to experienced supporters, certified Microsoft Business Central developers and future-oriented web specialists.

JMA is the experienced sparring partner with close relationships with both suppliers and industry associations. With many years of experience from the industry, we have developed the industry-specific ERP system DSM especially for machine dealers and importers of machines.


JMA want to be the preferred digital collaboration partner within the machine industry. We do this through the constant development of our digital competences, our long-term cooperation and insight into our customers' business, as well as through the commitment and knowledge of our employees - all valuable resources that must ensure our own and our customers' continued growth - also in the future.


High quality requirements for both our development team but also our sales consultants and business consultants are a central part of our business. All processes in the company are continuously carefully sharpened and the quality of our work is created through knowledge and sufficient time for the individual task and, of course, the desire to be careful with one's work.


By listening to our customers and our colleagues, we understand the challenges that may arise and in this way establish a long-term and valuable collaboration. Cooperation is created through open and honest communication - and we work on that basis all the time. We have a genuine interest in the well-being of our colleagues and we make sure that our actions and products make a difference to for our customers' business. Therefore commitment, curiosity, profit and openness are prerequisites for our daily work.


Our focus is and has always been long-lasting, valuable and creative relationships with both customers and employees. Many of our customers have been with us for more than 30 years. We are proud of that and it is close to our heart. We go to great lengths to keep our loyal customers "in the basket". At the same time, it is important to us that our employees love us and want to stay with JMA for many years. Loyalty is built through continuous, honest and competent effort and we are prepared to do just that.


We are and will remain the preferred supplier and sparring partner in dealer management solutions for machine dealers - nationally and internationally.


We improve our customers' finances and competitiveness by:

  • Simplifying and streamlining their processes
  • Creating accurate information to make the right decisions through…
    • Advice on processes
    • Delivery of future-proof software solutions
    • Training


Our core values are a benchmark for EVERYTHING we do. The values are included
to set the agenda for our own and not least others' expectations of JMA


  • We trust in each other
  • We meet each other with openness and honesty
  • We do what we say


  • We want to be the best in our field
  • We care about what we do
  • We are enthusiastic and spread enthusiasme


  • We listen, we understand, we act
  • We know - and stand by our limits
  • We take responsibility for our goals and the individual task


  • We dare to move - and we dare to stand firm
  • We are open to change and like to follow new paths
  • We dare to speak our minds even when it is difficult
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